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Home   Homepage - preliminary information and purchasing the book
Titles & Links (this page)   Internal and external links to web pages about (mini-) roundabouts
The main page   General guidance about mini-roundabouts
Design details   Right to the heart of the matter
Mini-roundabouts and
Traffic Calming
  Using mini-roundabouts with other features for traffic calming
Drawings   Outline drawings to help you get started
Capacity   First thoughts on capacity
Networks   Use of (mini-) roundabouts in networks
Larger roundabouts   Problems with larger roundabouts
TRL Report 281 - Accidents   Comments on and derivations from the TRL report
County Surveyor's
Society Report 2002
  Comments on the CSS document published in 2002
DfT/CSS good
practice guidance
  Comments on the DfT CSS document published in 2006
TD 54/07 Design of
  Comments on this awful document
Your problems sites   Some sites that have come up in the seminars
Crossroads   Safe use of mini-roundabouts at crossroads - the opportunities
Millennium Vision   Comprehensive use of mini-roundabouts and calming in busy areas
Seminars   The mini-roundabouts and traffic calming seminars
Tour in the USA   Where the Americans are with (mini-) roundabouts
Pedestrian Safety   Why (mini-) roundabouts are safe for pedestrians
Cayman islands   Mini-roundabouts and normal roundabouts on Grand Cayman


If you want to search the internet try using the words roundabouts and mini-roundabouts. Note the plural; this reduces the chances of finding the many how to find us sites i.e. take the third exit at the (mini-)roundabout etc; Roundabout Theatre Group.

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Technical Summary
US guide to mini-roundabouts
Very acceptable new guide to the use of mini-roundabouts within the US conditions. Mostly considered for crossroad (4-arm) use and emphasis on single lane entry.
PUBLIC ROADS (Autumn 1995) - ROUNDABOUTS An excellent roundabout site giving details of use of the modern roundabout in America.
Ourston Roundabout Engineering Formerly Ourston & Doctors site - a design team from the western USA working mainly on high capacity intersections especially at interchanges.
Peter Doctors
Roundabout Information
Peter Doctors site formerly of Ourston & Doctors
Roundabouts USA Major site covering development of the roundabout in the USA
Roundabouts Canada Site covering development of roundabouts in Canada
Roundabouts Net Alternate Street design - Michael Wallwork
Traffic Calming American traffic calming site - includes roundabouts
Modern Roundabouts - The Web Site Extensive website with links to the new American Roundabout design guide
Buckhurst Fish & Jacquemart Another consultancy in the USA working on modern roundabouts.
AASHTO Home Page American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials website.
DfT Link to UK Department for Transport
Roundabout Traffic Control Centre A service provided by the University of Florida Transportation Research Center in cooperation with the Florida Department of Transportation - a focal point for roundabout information.
New life for main roads A Transport 2000 website which looks at a number of sites of "good practice" including Shenley Road, Borehamwood.
Intelligent Traffic Calming Speed hump that flattens under heavy load so causing little if any vertical deflection.
Institute for Transport Studies - University of Leeds A review of traffic calming techniques
German Institute for Transportation and Traffic Engineering German experience of "compact" roundabouts - equivalent to our mini-roundabouts but no size restriction on the central island marking.

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